Week 297 in Detroit. Welcome to 2022 and for some parts of the country, that’s all about the weather. I had some fun with “editions” over the last few weeks. Look back at 2021 edition. Look ahead to 2022 edition. Random edition last week. This week I am being…


Saturday Cup of Joe from Detroit. Week 295 in Detroit. Happy New Year! What is your NYE approach? Going out in a tux or gown? Staying home in sweatpants and watching Ryan Seacrest or Anderson Cooper or Miley Cyrus? Or staying home and binging Netflix…


Week 290. Thank you for reading the Saturday Cup of Joe.

This week I’ve been thinking about NFTs, tokenization, innovation, real estate trends and better ways of doing anything from traffic to technology mottos.

Happy Hanukkah!

If you started your advent calendar today, hope it…


Week 289 in Detroit. This week was spent mostly in Boston, but it still counts. As usual, the Saturday Cup of Joe is a collection of thoughts and links and reflections from the week. Recently, it moves around from being sent Friday night in advance…


Week 286 in Detroit. Happy Halloween weekend. We have a vampire in the house. I was never a vampire as a kid but our daughter is also much more into Halloween, creepy movies and fantasy than I was. I think at 8 years old, I was probably a “professional”…


Thinker, curious leader, once an attorney…always trying to answer well.

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