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Week 282 in Detroit. I thought it might be fun to write about innovation. It’s one of those things that seems to mean different things to everyone.

I’m thinking a lot about “my definition of things” lately. A job change will do. As my friend Brian observed about SCOJ…


Week 281 in Detroit. Well, partially in Detroit, we spent the beginning part of the week in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Detroit Lions were playing the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football at Lambeau Field. We did the whole thing — stadium tour, pro shop, Packer Hall of…


Week 279 in Detroit. Saturday was the 20th anniversary of the horrific and shocking terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. We spent time watching a variety of documentaries and footage to remain aware and sensitive to the events and especially to the loss of innocent people, the ultimate sacrifice…


Week 278 in Detroit.

The long weekend in Detroit — pools, bike rides and ice cream — ending the Summer with all the Summer activities. Hope you had a great weekend and chance to rest and relax. School is back today and it kinda feels like there’s a reset…


Week 277. This is a midweek edition because it took me a few extra days to finish what I was working on. For that reason, I’ll keep the intro short and look forward to writing more this weekend.

Hurricane Ida — I’ve never seen anything like this:


Week 276 in Detroit. As I’m writing this I’m stuck in the Harrisburg Airport. I had a chance to visit my Dad and attend my fantasy football draft in a league that’s been going for 14 seasons (yes, 14 years). I know no one wants to hear about fantasy…


Week 275 in Detroit.

This week Meredith and I went to a new restaurant in Detroit called Olin. Great bistro feel and, in my humble opinion, it’s hard to go wrong with classics — Caesar salad, steak frites, burger & fries. We were celebrating our wedding anniversary. 14 years!


Week 274 in Detroit. I spent some time downtown and in the office this week. Readers of the Saturday Cup of Joe know that pre-COVID I was a frequent traveler for work and meetings. COVID’s stay at home and work from home policies created the opportunity to spend more…


“What is it about the Olympics that is so interesting to you?” My friend Laura asked over Sunday morning coffee & donuts. Free plug for Yellow Light Donuts. Jefferson Ave. Detroit Michigan. If you are ever here, let me know and we’ll grab some coffee & donuts. It’s become…


Week 271. I’m finishing up this week’s Saturday Cup of Joe in front of The Open Championship. Nothing more confounding to my family than golf on TV. I’ve been excited recently as my daughter has shown some interest in golf. Last Friday night, we tried the twilight round and…


Thinker, curious leader, once an attorney…always trying to answer well.

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