Saturday Cup of Joe from Detroit

13 min readJan 16, 2022



Week 297 in Detroit. Welcome to 2022 and for some parts of the country, that’s all about the weather. I had some fun with “editions” over the last few weeks. Look back at 2021 edition. Look ahead to 2022 edition. Random edition last week. This week I am being a little more patient with an idea I introduced over 6 months ago.

This week I spoke on a panel titled “The Future of the Real Estate Transaction” and decided to pick one area from the discussion to write about.

How would I put mortgage “out of business”?

Why would someone almost 10 years working at mortgage companies want to spend Saturday writing about putting mortgage companies out of business?

I have long believed it’s a great spark for innovation.

My team used this concept to spark innovation within Rocket Mortgage. Let’s think of the next great idea before anyone else.

I don’t know who is responsible for socializing this concept. I found it attributed to Richard Branson. I’m sure it was many other CEOs and entrepreneur-founders and innovators as well. Author Lisa Bodell wrote Kill The Company based on this reasoning.

Here’s what she says, “Kill the Company [allows you to] pretend that you are your number-one competitor. You have three minutes




Thinker, curious leader, once an attorney…always trying to answer well. Working on what’s next and next and next.