Saturday Cup of Joe from Detroit

12 min readMar 20, 2022


Week 306 in Detroit. Mid-week I spent some time in Miami. Inveniam hosted Data 3.0 for web3. Blockchain was the main event. While crypto played a starring role in the buzz around the hotel, tokenization and blockchain are the fundamentals that can change asset markets and asset management.

One of the panels featured Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Mayor Suarez talked about innovation and competition as two of the reasons the American economy has thrived for so long. Mayor Suarez called the goal “a tsunami of opportunity.” At the same time, both Mayors expressed concerned about how the status quo and particularly old (stale?) regulations are stifling growth. Mayor Adams talked about how we’re still in the Stone Age in certain areas of our cities and governance while trying to compete for talent, companies and residents.

It’s not unlike the challenges our companies face looking for talent, funding and differentiation with fewer resources and more constraints.

Both cities have embraced emerging technology including blockchain and crypto currency. Miami’s CityCoin has raised $20 million in less than a year. According to Mayor Suarez, the benefits of the coin will be used to fund a rent stabilization fund ($5M) and as a dividend pro rata to Miami city residents ($15M).

My opportunity to speak to the audience was the application of blockchain in residential mortgage. I’m always optimistic and enthusiastic when it comes to what’s next and what’s possible.

Here’s my take on how blockchain, and specifically tokenization, technology can be used to dramatically change lending.

The entire benefit of this technology is transparency, efficiency and trust. Blockchain is a better way to expose data to more partners. When I think about where and how blockchain can be used, the most prominent example right now is underwriting and asset data shown to investors in real time. The most reasonable application is allowing private buyers — whether single loans or pools — to identify and buy mortgage debt faster.

Since understanding and implementing cutting edge technology can be intimidating or expensive, we know it must provide short term benefit for wider adoption. The immediate…




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