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9 min readFeb 19, 2022


Week 302 in Detroit. The links on links on links edition. This week has everything from lunch nonsense to housing ideas to thoughts on where remote work can lower bias. Forward-looking and hopefully sparking some ideas or inspiration.

One thing I cannot get over is the every day cleverness of the Internet. There are so many moments, comments and observations that I admire. People are creative and funny. It’s relatively quick and small flashes but it’s worth appreciating.

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The thing that gave me pause, however, was a video I stumbled on that seems to imply Tik Tok incentivizes different creativity in different markets. Imagine for a moment this video is real — Chinese engineers created an algorithm in China that elevates problem-solving, science and genius but celebrates dancing, animals and slip-and-fall videos. Are you shocked? Is it a conspiracy?

I will never criticize every day cleverness. I hope I never lose the appreciation for the human mind. That said, it feels all-to-right that we’re quickly and excitedly celebrating easy cleverness over deep, authentic cleverness. Satisfied with our quick win, we are not dreaming big enough. One half-baked thought from this week — how do we incentivize dreams & innovation with the content, media and platforms we have today?

Earlier this year, I spent some time thinking about how SCOJ needs to evolve and one great piece of feedback was go deeper on one issue versus hitting a variety topics. Today, we’re back to hitting a variety of topics though there was a critical mass of housing articles. They all relate and yet overlap to create the mosaic of the problem(s) and possible solutions.

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“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” — Elvis Presley

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Do you have a go-to business lunch order? I’ll be honest, it took a few years but I kinda miss the semi-regular business lunch. In downtown Detroit there are two restaurants where my favorite order…




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