Saturday Cup of Joe from Detroit

10 min readOct 23, 2021


Week 285 in Detroit. I spent the week at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Annual Convention. It was great to be back in the same place with so many wonderful colleagues and friends. As always, catching up on meetings and seeing as many people as possible in 2+ days is exhausting but worth it.

Thank you to all the friends & colleagues that mentioned the Saturday Cup of Joe, too! My friend Jeff Haggett, who was one of the original subscribers to the SCOJ, were able to catch up briefly between meetings at a Starbucks. His colleague, Kimberly, approached me at a separate conference to mention our connection. Mike McAuley & Joe Garrett — two of the most effective and connected consultants and advisors in the mortgage space — noted that SCOJ doesn’t always come out on Saturday anymore. To that, Brian Levy and I decided it might have to become the SCOJ that comes out whenever. The Occasional Cup of Joe or the SCOJ but you’ll see it when you see it. Haha. And we got the chance to discuss writing and industry news with our friend Rob Chrisman over authentic street tacos.

I wanted to include those names, not to name drop, but to share how great a conference can be for the meaningful time spent with each other. I know I couldn’t include everyone, but really appreciate the time and support. Plus, if you have any need for appraisal, title or mortgage services, if you are looking to talk financing, M&A or executive management, if you are in need of RESPA and partnership counsel or just looking to share the latest news you heard, I would happily connect the SCOJ network to each other!

One thing the MBA conference reconfirmed for me was the power of people and relationships working together. We all know it. It was just nice to see it in action, and more importantly, to FEEL it in action this week.

If we didn’t get a chance to meet in San Diego, I’m looking forward to following up. Please reach out and let’s chat via video. Not the same but we’ll be back together again soon.

One of the things about Saturday Cup of Joe that happens from time to time is that a topic comes up several times in a week and ensures I have to write about it. Last week it was how analytics have changed professional sports.

First, more than ever before NFL coaches are using data models to strategize and make in-game decisions. The current debate is whether coaches are too reliant on statistical analysis such that…


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