Saturday Cup of Joe from Detroit

13 min readJan 30, 2022


Week 299 in Detroit. This week was split between Detroit and Nashville. My first time in Nashville was a win. The event was a productive, successful trip for me and our company. Nashville is also just great. Or should I say, the 10 blocks up and down Broadway that I explored was great.

One of the fun parts of Nashville is the live music. I learned that to be called a honky tonk, an establishment must meet 3 criteria:

1. Live music consistently from the time you open to the closing

2. Cold beer served

3. Dance floor

Without live music always going or a dance floor, it’s a bar. Credit to Kevin P. on that one, thank you.

One of the parts of the live music I enjoyed was the ability to request songs. The band sets up and offers a QR code on screen or on stage. The QR code leads to venmo and a chat with the bank. Requests are accepted (and presumably prioritized by donation) and certain requests cost more. The rumor was Free Bird costs $100.

I’m sure anyone who has experienced Nashville knows all this, but it was my first time. Lots of fun though I don’t think I need to hear I’ve Got Friends in Low Places again until my next visit.

Today’s theme came somewhat organically as I put together the articles that interested me this week. Some weeks it is articles I found, some weeks it is my writing and most weeks the Saturday Cup of Joe is a little of both.




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