Saturday Cup of Joe from Detroit

13 min readJan 30, 2022


Week 299 in Detroit. This week was split between Detroit and Nashville. My first time in Nashville was a win. The event was a productive, successful trip for me and our company. Nashville is also just great. Or should I say, the 10 blocks up and down Broadway that I explored was great.

One of the fun parts of Nashville is the live music. I learned that to be called a honky tonk, an establishment must meet 3 criteria:

1. Live music consistently from the time you open to the closing

2. Cold beer served

3. Dance floor

Without live music always going or a dance floor, it’s a bar. Credit to Kevin P. on that one, thank you.

One of the parts of the live music I enjoyed was the ability to request songs. The band sets up and offers a QR code on screen or on stage. The QR code leads to venmo and a chat with the bank. Requests are accepted (and presumably prioritized by donation) and certain requests cost more. The rumor was Free Bird costs $100.

I’m sure anyone who has experienced Nashville knows all this, but it was my first time. Lots of fun though I don’t think I need to hear I’ve Got Friends in Low Places again until my next visit.

Today’s theme came somewhat organically as I put together the articles that interested me this week. Some weeks it is articles I found, some weeks it is my writing and most weeks the Saturday Cup of Joe is a little of both.

This week the theme that emerged is intentionality. Being clear and intentional takes so much discipline but more than that, it takes time. Different flavors of being intentional are covered in everything from the podcasts we choose to the way to innovate. Let’s dive in…

Being specific is more interesting than being generic. Seth Godin wrote that it’s a mistake to try to find some ideal center that will make the most people happy. It’s generally a recipe for being forgettable. Godin identifies the idea of a guaranteed ideal choice as a fallacy. Instead, be intentional and be decisive. This is true for companies and individuals alike.

Following what you find interesting + being thoughtful about curating the options or experience + presenting authentic choices with confidence = being memorable.

Companies with conviction have more loyal customers. Events with unexpected options are more…




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