Week 257 in Detroit. This week I went back and looked at April 11, 2020, which was also Saturday Cup of Joe #205. It is obvious from the post that I had no idea what the year would bring. There are several references to COVID-19 but mostly it is seen as a weeks-long quarantine resulting in more time at home and baking sourdough bread. The dramatic lifestyle shift is clear but nothing about what would come in time or economic impact at that point. …


Week 256 in Detroit. This week is a Happy Easter and Happy Passover to those celebrating. Saturday Cup of Joe looks backward to three stories from last week — housing demand & supply, States Title acquisition and rebranding as Doma, and green housing / energy efficiency housing.

This week I saw the Cadbury commercial where every (many) type of animal wears the bunny ears pretending to be the bunny/Easter bunny. Is that the longest running commercial on television? I saw that commercial when I was a kid. Still on. …

Week 255 in Detroit.

This week is all about innovation. Innovation is a buzzword so let’s deal with that. Innovation is also a mindset. The innovation mindset should be open to change and if we’re open to change, we not only create more equitable products and services but as leaders, we become more equitable in our institutions. I worry that using innovation to combat systemic racism or systemic sexism minimizes the experience of communities of color & women. I’ll talk about that risk. …


Week 254. Back at it. One of the interesting things about the Saturday Cup of Joe is how different each week can be. Having a record of it brings it into some relief. For instance, last week couple of weeks there either was not time for my usual late night reading that generates a lot of the articles and/or nothing caught my attention. To the point that I thought maybe last week would be my first week without a post.

This week raised a lot of questions so I though it might be fun to collect some questions across…


Saturday Cup of Joe from Detroit for week 253 is a bit different. For starters, it almost did not happen. The combination of a long week, late nights with lots of work over the past 2 weeks, a birthday celebration that included a trip to Northern Michigan, and perhaps a bit of writer’s block / burn out / exhaustion. Next, I found that despite not having a ton of time, I also did not have anything to say. Finally, even without the energy, I knew I did not want it to end today.

So, here we go.

Think of…


Detroit, MI. This week (I thought) did not have much in the way of articles or topics, but go figure, I still ended up with a video and Cup of Joe from Detroit. In May, it will be 5 years and I am thinking a lot about what that means for the future. This week, I channeled my inner David Brooks and continued to do the job.

The result? 3 of the topics that continue to come up in my reading and thought process:

1. Generalist versus subject-matter expert

2. Answer well mindset

3. #NextBelt of innovation

So, here…


This week ended up being a series of reminders — little phrases or stories — that I could use to think more deeply about my business and my work. I’ll share those. Back to the housing innovation and future of tech, work, etc. Next week. “Future of etc.” is an interesting concept to think more about.

But the first phrase I wanted to highlight that caught my attention was “amplify the good.” In a Zoom call with my colleagues and friends — Brian, Rob and Courtenay — we were talking about how to use Twitter. It’s hard to…


250 weeks in Detroit. Since it’s a round number, it sorta feels like a milestone. Not sure why, but that’s how we think, I suppose. So, I went back to the first week. “A companion to your coffee” has evolved but in many ways, it’s about ideas, innovation and small ways to improve our decision-making. All still there in this week’s


  • Innovation in Detroit and Kansas City. Even then as Legal Counsel, the seeds were evident.
  • “Impact drives results which lead to value.”
  • Little hinges swing big doors.

This week’s YouTube video of the Sunday Cup of Tea:


This week has been about “thinking differently” when confronted with long-standing challenges such as those in housing and answering well to obstacles and resistance to innovation. Perhaps that’s how I came to pair the quotes that appeared throughout the week with the articles I was considering for this week’s Cup of Joe.

Look for innovation in housing, racial equity in housing and Stoicism in practice.

In an interview with Tim Ferris, the co-founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph said, “There are no good ideas. All ideas are bad ideas.”

No matter how “good” you believe your idea, it’s not…


Downdown Detroit courtesy of @rawdetroit on IG

This week’s Saturday Cup of Joe is about predictions. The “Big Game” is coming up on Sunday. Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Are you playing any Super Bowl Squares games? Do you have an office pool? How about betting — sportsbooks are open in a number of states?

This week’s YouTube video is about predictions. Please click here for the video (14 mins):

Whatever way you choose to enjoy the game, including by not watching any of it, still begs the question — why do we love to predict, or attempt to…


Thinker, curious leader, once an attorney…always trying to answer well.

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